get to know me meme: [4/5] favorite male characters → peter parker


Just because you’re browsing cat furnitune you can never affort on etsy for hours on end, doesn’t mean you’re not still shopping!


‘who’s that on your phone wallpaper?’ dONT WORRY


So I recently reached my first hundred and this is honestly something I’ve always wanted to do so I’m going to give it a try!

  • You don’t have to be following me. I don’t really want disingenuous follows (and eventually unfollows) and I’m sure you don’t want me clogging your dash.
  • You can reblog and like this. Each counts as an entry.
  • This post needs to reach at least 25 notes. If it doesn’t, I’ll just try again later.
  • If this reaches 50 notes, I’ll add another winner. 
  • If you win you get your choice of one of any of the items above which are:   a personalized letter to Hogwarts,  a potion, and a wand
  • Entry for the giveaway ends July 31st.

The winner will be picked via a random number generator and I’ll contact them once everything’s over, so if you enter have your ask box open. c:

cypearus: Hi hi beautiful thing! So yeah on my tumblr it says your my biggest fan and I love you for that. Your awesome and don't ever forget that!


I’m literally so lazy on tumblr because I don’t want to tag stuff right away so I just save them as drafts…


[in bear speak] No weapons on the table! (x)






everyone needs a waving snail on their blog

i feel that if I scroll past this and don’t reblog it the snail is going to look to the ground and cry

that comment

im sold

gotta do it now


gravity falls fandom on august first